Was born in 1963 in Mogilev, Belarus.

1981-1986 Studied architecture at the Belorusian National Technical University. 1986-1988 worked as a graphic designer in Nizhnevartovsk. 1989- took part in young artists’ exhibitions.

1994 – accession to the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors.

Second prize in Naive Art Competition.

1996 – took first prize in the Autumn Salon organized by the Spanish Association of Painters.

Since 1989 Igor Fomin has been living and working in Spain.

Has been participating in the following art exhibitions

since 1986:

1986 – Regional museum of the city of Khanty-Mansiysk, URSS.

1987 – DK Khanty-Mansiysk, URSS.

1989 – Gallery Art Center-Minsk, URSS.

Exhibition «Modern art of Belarus» , Minsk.

1990 – Casa de Cultura de Benalmadena, Malaga, Spain.

Petrov’s Line Culture Center,Moscow, URSS.

1991 – Castillo Bill-Bill, Benalmadena,Spain.

1992 – «Art 54» gallery, New-York,USA.

1993 – «Nova» gallery, Malaga, Spain.

«Victor Antique» gallery, New-York, Usa.

«Cartel» gallery, Granada, Spain. 1994 – «Ricon del Arte»gallery, La-Coruna, Spain. «Follas Novas» gallery,Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

1995 – «Sammer Gallery»,Madrid, Spain.

«Tudores» gallery, Marbella,Spain. «Lecrin» gallery, Granada, Spain. «Cartel» gallery, Granada, Spain.

«Celia B.Guedj» gallery, Lyon, France.

1996 – «СС22» gallery,Madrid, Spain. «Cartel» gallery, Granada, Spain. «Ricon del Arte» gallery, La-Coruna, Spain. «Tudores» gallery, Marbella,Spain. «Lecrin» gellery, Granada, Spain.

1997 – «Sanchez y Juan» gallery, Elche,Spain.

«СС22» gallery,Madrid, Spain. «Uranga» gallery,Bilbao, Spain.

1998 – «Coplan Gallery», Boca Raton, Florida, USA.

«Sammer Gallery»,Madrid, Spain.

1999 – «Sanchez y Juan»gallery, Elche, Spain.

2000 – «Albemarie Gallery», London, England.

2001 – «Handsel Gallery», Santa Fe, USA.

2002 – «Hassold Gallery», Augsburg, Germani.

2005 – «СС22» gallery,Madrid, Madrid, Spain.

2006 – «Hassold Gallery», Augsburg, Germani.

Sanchez y Juan» gallery, Elche, Spain.

2008 – «СС22»gallery, Madrid, Spain.

2009 – Casa de la Moneda, Madrid, Spain.

«Cartel» gallery, Granada, Spain.